Traditional Aran Sweaters & Authentic Irish Knitwear from a Legend in Irish Knitwear since 1902

Aran Hand Knit

Banin Genuine Irish Hand Knit Sweater and Cardigan - Kennedy Irish Sweaters

The Aran Sweater and its versatile cousin, the Aran Cardigan, are unmistakable with their distinctive and intricately woven patterns. In Donegal, the hand knitted Aran Sweater was worn by every fisherman. Made of heavy, oiled wool, it was warm and kept out the wind and weather. Each family had its own traditional stitches, a precious unrecorded heritage handed down from mother to daughter for generations. Knitted from pure wool, the Aran Sweater also known as a Fisherman Sweater is not only a practical garment, but a distinctive icon of knitwear fashion.

Designs such as a diamond twist and a honeycomb are based on the patterns of nature. All the hand knit stitches have a meaning, or tell a story, and are closely related to the earth, the sea or home life. One of the most famous Aran knitwear stitches, the cable, represents a fisherman’s hardy rope, while the zig-zag represents the lane ways of the Aran Islands. Many also have a religious significance, like the ladder which represents a stairway to heaven.

Kennedy of Ardara has preserved this ancient tradition since the early 1900s, developing the cottage industry through the employment of up to 800 handknitters in West Donegal, to produce their world famous Aran Country Knitwear.  With Kennedy of Ardara you are getting a 100% guarantee that all our Aran Sweaters, Aran Cardigans and Hand-Knit Accessories are Made in Ireland.  All of our Aran Knitwear is made from 100% Pure New Wool from Donegal Yarns.

Aran Sweaters are available in a wide variety of colours, styles, patterns and sizes – please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Aran Knitwear or if you would like to get a quote for a custom Aran Sweater or Aran Cardigan.



  • aran-bogman-beanie-hat-1443788456-jpg

    Aran Bogman Beanie Hat - Blue

    €29.95 EUR €24.00 EUR
  • bright-pink-wool-hat-bogman-hat-jpg

    Aran Bogman Beanie Hat - Vibrant Pink

    €29.95 EUR €24.00 EUR
  • banin-white-genuine-irish-hand-knit-aran-card-1413558614-jpg

    Aran Hand Knit Bainin White Genuine Iris...

    €259.00 EUR €179.00 EUR
  • blackberry-vintage-handknit-cardigan-blackberry-vintage-range-jpg

    Aran Hand Knit Cardigan Blackberry Vinta...

    €179.00 EUR €99.99 EUR
  • genuine-irish-handknit-oatmeal-cardigan-jpg

    Aran Hand Knit Oatmeal Genuine Irish Lum...

    €264.00 EUR €184.00 EUR
  • handknit-aran-scarf-jpg

    Aran Hand Knit Scarf

    €35.95 EUR
  • aran-hand-knit-ski-hat-1413558985-jpg

    Aran Hand Knit Ski Hat

    €21.95 EUR
  • aran-hand-knit-ladies-charcoal-mitts-1448133102-jpg

    Aran Hand-Knit Ladies Charcoal Mitts

    €21.95 EUR
  • aran-hand-knit-ladies-red-mitts-1443789717-jpg

    Aran Hand-Knit Ladies Red Mitts

    €21.95 EUR
  • kids-aran-mitts-jpg

    Aran Mittens (Mitts) Childrens

    €15.95 EUR
  • childrens-wool-scarf-jpg

    Aran Scarf Childrens (Thin)

    €21.95 EUR
  • banin-white-genuine-irish-hand-knit-sweater-1413558062-jpg

    Aran Sweater Genuine Irish Hand Knit - B...

    €249.00 EUR €179.00 EUR
  • fingerless-gloves-jpg

    Blackberry Vintage Fingerless Gloves

    €22.95 EUR €18.00 EUR
  • bright-green-neck-cowl-jpg

    Blackberry Vintage Neck Cowl (Large)

    €44.95 EUR €25.00 EUR
  • childrens-aran-sweater-jpg

    Children's Hand Knit Aran Sweater

    €45.00 EUR
  • childrens-aran-cardigan-jpg

    Childrens Hand Knit Aran Cardigan

    €45.00 EUR
  • hand-croched-trinity-rosette-hat-1413985520-jpg

    Hand Crocheted Trinity Rosette Hat

    €19.95 EUR €12.00 EUR
  • hand-knit-long-scarf-light-grey-jpg

    Hand Knit Long Scarf - Light Grey Fleck

    €42.00 EUR €30.00 EUR
  • blue-heather-ski-hat-jpg

    Hand Knit Ski Hat - Blue Heather Wool

    €21.95 EUR
  • natural-blacksheep-wool-hat-jpg

    Hand Knit Ski Hat - Natural Blacksheep

    €21.95 EUR
  • ladies-aran-hand-knit-mittens-1413559395-jpg

    Ladies Aran Hand Knit Mittens

    €21.95 EUR
  • maria-in-aran-tam-jpg

    Ladies Aran Hand Knit Tam (Variety of Co...

    €22.00 EUR
  • ladies-hand-knit-aran-gloves-1413559531-jpg

    Ladies Hand Knit Aran Gloves

    €23.95 EUR
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