Traditional Aran Sweaters & Authentic Irish Knitwear from a Legend in Irish Knitwear since 1902

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Aran Sweaters Made?

It is our 100% guarantee that all our aran sweaters and garments are hand-knit in Ireland.  We still use the cottage industry model here in Donegal, where women knit the sweaters in their homes.  Each aran sweater will have a label with the name of the knitter who created this beautiful garment for you.

Irish Aran Sweater

Handknit Aran Sweater

How do I wash Aran Sweaters?

We have many customers who have their aran sweaters for decades.  Aran sweaters are very resilient, but do need to be cared for correctly when washed.  Here are our recommendations:

  • Always hand-wash your aran/wool sweater.  NEVER MACHINE WASH.
  • Use lukewarm water, water that is too hot or too cold may result in shinkage.
  • Use a small amount of detergent only.
  • Wash each garment separately.
  • Do not wring or scrub the sweater.
  • Dry the sweater flat in its right shape (do not hang as it will stretch the sweater).
  • We recommend storing your sweater folded.

Follow these instructions and your sweater will be your friend for many a year.  It will get softer with every wash and keep its superb shape.

These are our recommendations for all wool garments.


How do I know what is a hand-knit sweater and a machine knit sweater?

All our hand-knit garments will clearly state on our website & in-store if they are hand-knit.  We also supply machine and hand loomed sweaters.  If you are unsure if a garment is hand-knit just drop us a line and we will answer your query.  Hand-knit items are more expensive due to the fact they are hand-made.

How will my goods be sent to me?

All our website orders are shipped by standard mail, An Post (The Irish Postal Service).  This service does not include tracking.  Should you require your goods to be shipped by registered mail (which includes tracking) please contact us for a quote.

My goods have not arrived?

Over our many years in business we have had very few parcels go missing.  For international parcels it can take 7-10 working days for a parcel to arrive (and allow for extra time at busy periods such as Christmas).  Check with your post office that they have not attempted a delivery or left you a note to collect your parcel from a local depot.  We can open a case with An Post where required.

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